Fool Me Once

Malena Crockett

In her provocative debut novel, Malena Crockett introduces us to Melody Joy and Walter Bainbridge. She gave him everything he asked for, everything she had, and then some. He took it all, and still wanted more. Fool Me Once is a story about a woman who has to decide between fighting to save the life and marriage she chose versus letting go of everything she thought she wanted and finding a new path. Follow MJs adventures in this three-part journey of self-discovery as she sorts out her priorities, learns how to protect her heart, and uncovers things about herself and her family she never knew she needed to know. The back story: In high school, Melody Joys boyfriend rated her a 10 on the Marriageable Mormon Maiden desirability scale. She did everything on the check list, walked the walk and talked the talk, and had three marriage proposals in the space of one short summer. It was simply a matter of choosing, and choose she did. When MJ married Walter, he said -I Do- and she thought he meant it. After all, when Mormons get married in the temple, its for keeps: happily-ever-after lasts forever. Then Lacey - six feet tall and built like a Barbie Doll - came along and snagged Walters attention. When MJ discovered that the one person she had trusted with her heart and her eternal soul was actually a treacherous, lying cheat, she had to decide what to do. The church discouraged divorce, she didnt want to do jail time, and she couldnt afford a hit-man. What other options are left when your fairy-tale marriage is in serious trouble? This memoir style novel reads much like Escape (Carolyn Jessup) or Confessions of a Latter-day Virgin (Nicole Hardy), and offers acute insight into the internal and cultural dilemmas faced by contemporary Mormon women who diligently try to balance personal needs and ambitions while caring for home, spouse, and family. * A word from the author: If the story in Fool Me Once sounds familiar, thats because it is. It repeats itself daily all around the world in many different cultures. I write about Mormons because thats the culture I know best. MJ could have been a member of any church, anywhere. She just happens to be LDS. MC Please note: this story includes some adult content and addresses adult issues. If you have aversion to reading language or frank discussion of sex and the vulnerability of intimacy, this may not be the book for you.